Welcome, You!

This blog is all about having a space where I can speak my mind. I’m silly and light hearted every day, but what I find harder is the retaining of random little thoughts. This is where those thoughts end up!

My stories are made anonymous for the privacy and respect of my life and family and friends. Because of this some of my writings are in a way coded, with emotion being the main tell-tail and following point. Feel with me.

Naturally, as a follower of Christ my posts will reflect my faith as He is my everyday truth. But obviously, all are welcome! I may seem like an alien at times to you though, so take that with a grain of salt and maybe ask some questions cause I’m a pretty intricately strange individual – but I love to share!


And while you’re here, why not appreciate the beauty that is God’s world (Image: Noosa Heads, AUS via Megan).


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